Software Architecture

clean code

For sure that takes long

Planing a new software takes a lot of time and great knowledge in each technology you want to use. They have to work nicely together, are optimized and secure.

You could go the easy way and use a lot of third party tools, but your privacy goes with that as well. There is almost no company that gives something away without getting something in return.

Going the hard way as we do it since the beginning of developing software is to offer a solution that all the data you collect with the software belongs to you and not to others.

Clean Code

Programming is not just code, it is a lot more. Having a great file architecture, clean code and all commented through will make life so much easier for everyone.

Starting from the folder structure, templates, stylesheets and finally all the code that does the bells and whistles when you click or touch a button.

Then the security and compatibility tests that take more time than creating the code itself.

Finally, the speed tests where the complete software will be stressed out, so it can handle the requests planed for.

And of course you will have bugs, and you will have things that will break because you’re not though of that.

You have to like math

They all say programming is 0 and 1, but that’s not it all.

The most important part is logic, logic thinking is 80% of coding, the rest is siting in front of screen with a lot of gibberish and see the big picture. 🙂

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