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For a limited quantity and only until the final release we offer Server for our early, mid and late birds, with a great discount of up to 50 percent. Don’t miss the chance to get the most advanced live communication software that you can install on your own server environment.
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Enhance Your Customer Experience with ZIPP.CHAT
Welcome to the future of customer support. With Zipp.Chat, you can offer your customers instant, personalized attention, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
Zipp.Chat makes it easy for you to provide exceptional customer service and drive your business forward. Start enhancing your customer experience with Zipp.Chat today.

Understand your Customers

The all-in-one business communication solution, that is easy to use and pushes your sales to the next level.

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ZIPP Hosted

No Hidden Charges! You pay what you see, no hidden charges no extra fees, fair and square. Available beginning of April.

    • Hosted Basic


      • 1-5 Operator
      • 1000 Clients
      • 2GB NVM Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Hosted Plus


      • 5-20 Operators
      • 5000 Clients
      • 5GB NVM Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Hosted Ultimate


      • 20+ Operators
      • 10000 Clients
      • 10GB NVM Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth

A live chat but better and more has been built from the ground up with the latest technology and all the bells and whistles you can imagine. The first solution can be completely self-hosted with no dependence on any third party services.

Modern and fully responsive ui, latest technology based on react and socket, easy installable via package manager or docker image. Fast and reliable database with mongoDB, notifications and 2auth of course…

Video Chat

Chat with your customer live on screen in real time with voice and video. Group video chats are also available.

Voice Chat

Simply chat with your customers as you are on the phone. Of course it works on your mobile, desktop and web app.

Screen Sharing

Like to share your screen or see the screen from your customer. Live screen sharing make helping a breeze.

Group Chat

Not only one to one, also many to many. The build in Group Chat with invitation, gives you the option to have meetings.


The UI Design has been made for the smallest to the biggest screen available. Fully responsive, but not just that. Fully responsible 2.0. Smart views on different sized screens are always the view you need without any complicated stuff around.


State of the art technology, encryption, security testing and, if you wish, two factor authentication for logins too.


Fast or should we write rocket speed? After security and privacy, performance was our main priority for

Live Chat Mobile Screenshot

Of course, there are also emoticons, but you have the choice whether to use them or not.

Live Chat Emoticons

Complete service solution is the complete service solution you can count on both now and in the future. With our hosted service, you’ll bring ease to customers, increase your team’s productivity and identify ways to grow your business.

Right out of the box & easy-to-use

Our software works right out of the box, so you can get up and running quickly and onboard agents and your clients in record time with our easy-to-use interface.

Completely managed or full control

We offer two solutions but they do the same. Install and manage the software yourself on your server and have full control and responsibility or use your hosted solution and don’t worry about servers and databases.

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