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zipp.chat is the fastest way to help your customers. Start chatting with your website visitors who need your help. We offer a 30 days free trial, sign up today.

It is for sure way faster than email and more efficient than phone. Ready to serve your customer the professional way? zipp.chat is the answer.

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We have native mobile and desktop apps. Something for everyone, download our iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux apps for your machine.


Our native Android app will give you all the features you need on the road. Never miss a customer with the build in push and sound notifications. Bored? No problem, you can even engage customers right from your Android phone.


Stylish and fast, the native iOS app makes you using it even when you sit in the office. All the features you need and much much more. Ready to kick some stars? Btw, you can also do the same what Android users can.

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We have build in so many features you probably won't use them all, still wondering what zipp.chat can do?

Still some Questions?

No worries we cover you in case you need support from us. Below are the recent frequently asked questions.

Our service is to provide you a reliable, fast and easy to use live support chat. It will give your website visitors the chance to connect to you directly when browsing your website. You can use any sort of device to answer as long you are using a browser or our native desktop and mobile apps.

We have various packages after sign up and you can switch from one to another as much as you want. You can also add operators just for one Month in case you expecting a peak time. You can add up to 10 operators at the same time, please let us know when you need more.

Each package has his limitation and of course you get what you paid for. Pay more get more is also the case here. However we have a very fair pricing structure and we are sure you will find the right package.

As with all cloud solution we take care of security, uptime and speed. But as always there is a risk involved with having stuff in the cloud. We also offer self hosted live support chat solutions if you like to manage things yourself.

Absolutely, we do not run any third party ad's on our solution. This one is professional...

We think every website should have a live support chat on the website. It is soooooo much easier to contact the website owner in case of interest. Our starter package will give exactly this option.