Choose between a fully managed or self-hosted customer support solution

In the world of customer support solutions, businesses have a choice between two approaches: fully managed or full control. Zipp.Chat recognizes the importance of this choice and offers two solutions that cater to both options.

Self-Hosted or Hosted: Zipp.Chat Offers the Ultimate Customer Support Solution for Your Business Needs

For businesses that prefer to maintain full control over their customer support operations, Zipp.Chat offers a self-hosted version that allows businesses to install and manage the software on their own servers. This approach gives businesses complete control and responsibility over their customer support data and configuration, ensuring that they have the flexibility and customization options they need to meet their unique requirements. With the self-hosted version of Zipp.Chat, businesses can customize the platform to match their branding and user experience requirements, and they can manage the software on their own schedule, without relying on third-party providers.

For businesses that prefer a more hands-off approach to their customer support operations, Zipp.Chat’s hosted solution offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable option that takes care of all the technical details. With the hosted solution, businesses can simply log in to their account and access all the tools and features they need to deliver exceptional customer support experiences. There is no need to worry about servers, databases, or technical details – Zipp.Chat’s team takes care of everything.

zipp chat live support software
zipp chat live support software

The Choice is Yours: Zipp.Chat's Self-Hosted and Hosted Versions Provide Comprehensive Customer Support Solutions

Whether businesses choose the self-hosted or hosted version of Zipp.Chat, they can be confident that they are getting a comprehensive and effective customer support solution. The self-hosted version gives businesses complete control and flexibility, while the hosted version provides ease-of-use and scalability. Both versions offer the same comprehensive feature set, including live chat, video chat, voice chat, screen sharing, file sharing, multi-language support, customizable design options, and much more.

At Zipp.Chat, we believe that businesses should have a choice when it comes to their customer support solutions. That’s why we offer both a self-hosted and hosted version of our platform, so businesses can choose the option that best suits their needs. And no matter which option they choose, they can be confident that they are getting a comprehensive, effective, and cost-effective customer support solution.