The Design

the design

Your design is very outdated

Design is always the tricky part, because let’s be honest, who cares how it works behind as long as it looks good, and it is easy to use. Right?

You can create the most beautiful design, and you will always have a customer or two that will send you a message that sounds like this:

I really like your software and features but your design is very outdated.

That is heartbreaking when you spent months creating a design with a team and show it to different selected clients and eliminated all possible design issues and make it look cool.

But that is how it is, not everyone likes the same clothes, not everyone buys the same car and certainly there is no design for a software that everyone likes.

We found a Template

With this in mind we started the research and found a pre-made template, we fell in love straight away. It is built on Bootstrap 5 and the UX design is great.

We contacted the developer and though this is going to be a walk in the park.

Well it was not, we had to build it from scratch because 60% of the features were not designed and the technology we wanted to use was not available.


Modern, Easy and Rocket fast

After creating the design in the technologyTechnology we wanted to have and optimized it even further, we now have a modern, easy to use and rocket fast template.

For our self-hosted customers, you also have the option to modify it and use the complete user manual from Bootstrap 5.

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