The strong team

behind the strong software.

We Have Build The Perfect Tool For Helping Your Customers.
Jérôme Kaegi

Jérôme Kaegi

Chief Executive Officer

Created my first website in 1998, IT specialist since 2003, started JAKweb in 2009, developing professional support software since 2011. Planned and developing with a great team since 2018.

Salah Ait Mokhtar

Salah Ait Mokhtar

Marketing & Design

Our design and marketing guru. In the JAKweb team since 2012 as our main graphic designer and helping hand for anything else.

Berit Steinberg

Berit Steinberg

Head Support

Great support is the key for a successful software. Berit does that with ease, she stays calm even with the funniest customers.

Joël Bischoff

Joël Bischoff


He likes joggling with numbers, and he is like a mountain goat with skies or his mountain bike under his feet. 

Waleed Saifi

Head Developer

Developer with great communication skills, something you do not found often.

Daniel Kanski

Daniel Kanski

Code Checker

Our code checker, goes through, bit by bit and make sure nothing shows up that does not belong there.

Our Philosophy

Blazing fast, secure and easy to use software with the best privacy protection you can get. We at JAKWEB / make sure that this is still possible in today’s internet world.

Best Rated

We build customer support software since 2011 and have already over 6500 customers around the world, happy customers.


We try to give the best support to our customers, we know that is not always possible, but we try hard.


We love what we do, as a provider of professional support software, how can we not like to provide support.