zipp.chat comes with a huge amount of features

We have created a masterpiece with everything you need and probably more for most. With over 20 years’ experience of building support software, zipp.chat is the one you want. Live Chat, Video Calls, Voice Calls, Group Chat, Client Management, Standard Responses, FAQ, Bot and much more…

zippchat features

Live Chat

Engage in instant, personalized conversations with your customers through our Live Chat. With our user-friendly tools, you can deliver efficient support and boost customer satisfaction.

Video Chat

Engage in real-time customer conversations using voice and video on your screen. You can now connect with your customers individually or in a group video chat.

Voice Chat

Easily communicate with your customers via chat, just as you would on a phone call. Our platform is compatible with your mobile, desktop, and web app, allowing you to chat with customers on any device.

Screen Sharing

Need to share your screen or see your customer's screen? Our live screen sharing feature makes it a breeze to provide support and assistance.


Simplify your customer service with our automated chatbot feature. With AI-powered technology, our chatbot can handle common inquiries and initiate problem-solving steps, providing efficient assistance to customers and saving your team time.

File Sharing

Share files seamlessly with your customers through our user-friendly file sharing feature. Exchange documents, images, and other important files directly within the chat, without the hassle of traditional email attachments.


Expand your reach with our multi-language support feature. Speak to your customers in their preferred language, with translations available in real-time, enabling you to cater to a diverse audience and increase customer satisfaction.


Make Live Chat your own with our customizable chat window feature. Choose from a range of design options to create a chat window that aligns with your brand's aesthetic and enhances the user experience.

video conferences

Conferences and team meetings with zipp.chat

Empower your team with Zipp.Chat’s integrated voice and video conferencing capabilities. Conduct seamless team meetings or customer conferences, enhancing collaboration and communication efficiency. With high-quality audio and video, Zipp.Chat ensures your discussions are crystal clear, fostering a productive and engaging virtual meeting environment.

Web & Mobile

Modern and mobile optimised Design that looks and works great on devices.

UX Design

Never get lost, find features easy and don’t get overwhelmed that was our goal.

UI Design

Beautiful, fast and as little physical images as possible.


Client management built in the easy way. Member based only or with guest access.

Transfer Clients

Your client needs a different agent? No problem, use the transfer feature.

Canned Messages

Standard responses so you don't have to type the same things all the time.


Chat departments with operators assigned to it. Always the right agent.


Simply block IP, Subnet or Email Addresses in case they annoy you.

Fancy Statistics

Average rating, how long the chat has been taken, and much more...


Smart notifications, so you won't miss a conversation or message.

Group Chat

Not bound to 1 to 1 conversations, have 50 or more in the same chat room.


Receive feedbacks from your customer after a conversation or providing support.


Log each action for security and clarity if something goes wrong.


Smart search built in to find the content you need without browsing through.


Two-factor authentication built in with email or text message verification.


Paste one code from the operator panel into your website and the chat is working.

Fully Responsive

Screen size should not matter, we have made sure of that.

Cloud Option

The first time in our history we offer a complete cloud based solution.

Server Option

Download, install and maintain yourself. Be in charge of everything.


We have created a platform that does not need a user manual, despite there is one available.

We bring 20 Years experience

zipp.chat has been created and developed by JAKWEB. We are a Swiss-based company and our main priority is and was always total privacy and fair prices.
Live Chat Mobile App

ZIPP Hosted

No Hidden Charges! You pay what you see, no hidden charges no extra fees, fair and square. Available beginning of October.

    • Hosted Basic


      • 1-5 Operator
      • 1000 Clients
      • 2GB NVM Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Hosted Plus


      • 5-20 Operators
      • 5000 Clients
      • 5GB NVM Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Hosted Ultimate


      • 20+ Operators
      • 10000 Clients
      • 10GB NVM Storage
      • Unlimited Bandwidth