Something big is coming

The all-in-one business communication solution, that is easy to use and pushes your sales to the next level.



Live Chat the smart way with voice, attachments, images, screen-sharing and more...

Video, Voice & Screensharing

Technology that can handle all the cool stuff.

Socket technology

Now available on all devices, easy to install and very very fast.

Sell more!

Answer your clients questions live and boost your sales with live communication.

what is it?

We have developed the next communication software solution with total privacy in mind. Data that belongs to you should stay in your company, does that by 100%. Our server edition is running on your own server, you are in charge and you are in control. Providing a secure and professional solution for your clients.


Two-factor authentication built in with email or text message verification.


Smart notifications, so you won't miss a conversation or message.

Group Chat

Not bound to 1 to 1 conversations, have 50 or more in the same chat room.


Client management built in the easy way. Member based only or with guest access.

Fancy Statistics

Average rating, how long the chat has been taken, and much more...


Chat departments with operators assigned to it. Always the right agent.

More success with

Providing professional support to your clients will build trust and loyalty. Answer pre-sales questions with a live chat will boost your sales significantly. Have group chat meetings with your employees will strengthen communication skill and pushes your company forward.

Pre Purchase Now

We offer 3 different discounts for all our early, mid and late birds. Be quick before they are all gone.

Coupon 50%

Early Bird Code: 64k7ejve

Coupon 40%

Mid Bird Code: m22qkn2g

Coupon 30%

Late Bird Code: rb95cde3

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Pre-Purchase Software

How does it work? When do I get access? Why do you offer a pre-purchase option?

We at JAKweb build live support software for over 12 Years, we have more than 6500 customers around the world, building a complete new software takes a lot of time and a lot of money.

How does it work

From now till we release the software (planed is end of May 2023) we offer a great discount for all our existing and new customers. All our existing customers have been informed personally to get the chance for buying the next generation live support software with a huge discount.

Limited Coupons

The coupons are limited in numbers, in total there are 1000 coupons:

  • 200 Coupons / 50%
  • 300 Coupons / 40%
  • 500 Coupons / 30%

When they are used, there will be no further discounts. We calculate our prices carefully, this is a one time chance for you, to get an amazing deal, and for us to cover some of our costs.

Will you deliver

Yes, we guarantee delivering, and we also offer a money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied. There is a small administration fee of 20 USD if you like to use the money back service.

When can I download

As soon as the software is ready. We are confident that we can deliver, end of March 2023. However, there is no guarantee to be ready end of March, but we will deliver as promised.

Do I get support

Yes, of course. Your support and download access will start when the software becomes available. In case you have any questions before the release, we are here for you anytime.


The complete Self-Hosted Solution

For a limited quantity and only until the final release we offer Server for our early, mid and late birds, with a great discount of up to 50 percent. Don't miss the chance to get the most advanced live communication software that you can install on your own server environment.

ZIPP Server

The fully self hosted live support solution
$ 287
One Time
  • Self Hosted Solution
  • No Limitations
  • Unlimited Operators
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Chats
  • 12 Month Access to new Releases
  • 12 Month Access to Support

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thousands of
happy customers

It is a bold move to say it is the best live communication software. Well yes and now, we are building live chat and support software since 2010, and we have been one of the first providing such software as a self-hosted solution. Now technology and devices have been improved a lot, and we can offer the next generation live voice, video chat software.

Hey Jérôme, can you please let me know the status of

Berit Head Support

Good Morning Berit, how are you? Everything OK in Portugal? We have made great progress, and we are confident to be ready end of March.

Jérôme CEO

That is great news! Thank you, I'm well, and the weather has been improved a lot since you has been here back in December.

Berit Head Support

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