What do I get when I purchase Zipp Hosted?

Zipp Hosted is our fully managed service. You don’t need any experience in server configuration or software setup.

The following is included in the hosted package:

  • Fully hosted and managed zipp.chat solution for the period you have purchased
  • Subdomain of your choice, for example: yourcompany.zipp.one
  • Possible to have your own domain pointing to our subdomain
  • Always the latest release
  • Full access from everywhere
  • You can choose from 3 different locations (US, Amsterdam or Singapore)
  • You can export the client data information
  • You can export the live chat conversations
  • You can export the support tickets

One Month before your service expires, you will get notified to extend the service. If we don’t hear from you, we will send another email 1 week before your service expires.

In case you don’t want to extend the access to your zipp.chat area, you do nothing. When your period is over, we will cut the access and completely delete your installation after 30 days.

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