How long till I get access?

After your order, you will get all the details to pay by bank transfer. Make sure you are paying the amount to the correct account:

  • Swiss Customers should pay to our Swiss Bank account (Zürcher Landbank)
  • European and Customers from outside the US should pay to our Europe Bank Account (Wise)
  • US Customers should pay to our US Bank Account by wire (Wise)

Don’t forget to add your order number to the transfer. Our bank does inform us on a new payment, and we will give you access right after we received the money.

Have you chosen our fully managed service, we will inform you that we have received the money and start installing the software for you. You will then get another confirmation with your login details.

Have you chosen our self-hosted solution, you will get informed that we have received your money, and you will have access to the download area right away.

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