Do you have other solutions?

Not all have full access to a server, can run shell command or can deploy docker images on their server.

We do offer a fully managed solution, so you don’t need an understanding of server management, shell commands, database actions and other stuff.

However, you might still want a complete self-hosted solution but with a different technology and simpler installation. Our live support solutions based on PHP maybe are just right for you in this case:

  • Live Chat 3 – Live Support Chat based on PHP and MySQL/MariaDB
  • HelpDesk 3 – Complete live support solution with live chat, support tickets, client management, FAQs, blog and so on…

They are also fully maintained solutions and are used by 1000s of customers around the world for many Years. They are state of the art and get constantly updated. However, they do not provide video, voice, screen sharing and some other features due to the technology difference.

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