Personal meetings why flying around the globe is not necessary

Businesses these days can be done online, yet it’s becoming more common to see business people fly around the globe and meet in person every so often. Why do we still do this? Online meetings are the new way to do business; with technology, there’s no reason ever to fly worldwide again.

Many still think that the only way to do business is by meeting face to face, especially in industries like B2B, where first impressions are crucial, and personal relationships are vital to sealing the deal.

But even though this belief holds some truth, technology has also made it possible to have face-to-face meetings online. I’ll explain why you should try it out and how it works! Here’s why online meetings are so great and why flying around the globe is unnecessary.

Collaborate in Real Time

You can meet face-to-face while leaving your office with Skype, Google Hangouts, and other video conferencing software.

These free or low-cost tools make it much more affordable than traveling worldwide.

Not only will you save money by holding virtual meetings, but you’ll also be able to work more efficiently.

Because you can focus on your presentation while it’s being captured, you don’t have to try and remember everything as it happens.

Meeting in person is only sometimes necessary

In today’s world, getting in touch with someone across the country or even the world has become more accessible.

Whether you’re looking for a job, meeting a potential client, or just needing advice from an expert who isn’t in your area, online video chat and conference calls allow you to meet face-to-face with someone without having to travel.

What was once complicated and time-consuming can now be done at your convenience at any time of day!

You save time and money by meeting online

Today, we’re always on the go, going from place to place and meeting with people. But what if there was a way to do these face-to-face meetings online?

That would save time and money because you wouldn’t need to fly worldwide for a 30-minute meeting. Many benefits of doing your business online would make it easier for everyone.

The first benefit of doing your business online is that you save money by not having to pay for flights and hotels.

Not only would it be cheaper, but you would also have more time and money because you wouldn’t need to book a flight or find accommodations. The second benefit of meeting online is that there won’t be any distractions.

By staying in one place, you can focus on your work without being interrupted by outside factors like family, friends, or coworkers.

More Frequent Meetings

work life balance

There is a misconception that having frequent meetings with colleagues and clients means you must be physically present.

In truth, online meeting tools make it possible for people in different countries and time zones to connect anytime they want.

And there’s no need for anyone in your company or your customer’s company to miss out on anything important because of geography.

Online meetings are more convenient

Some people indeed feel more comfortable in a face-to-face meeting, but online meeting software has come a long way and can offer many conveniences.

First, there’s no need for travel, which saves time and money. It also means there will be less jet lag and fatigue when you arrive back home. Online meetings can also be scheduled at times that work for both parties.

Meetings can also be scheduled at times that work for both parties. Some software will even allow you to schedule conference calls on holidays or in different time zones.

This means you’re not missing out on any potential clients just because they don’t work during your regular office hours.

Also, because all your data and notes will be recorded digitally, there’s no need to take detailed notes or remember every discussion point to bring everyone up to date later.

You can reach a wider audience online

Face-to-face interactions are still significant, but it may only sometimes be possible with so much going on in our lives. But don’t worry!

Online meetings allow you to reach a wider audience and save money on travel expenses. To make things even easier for you, we have video conferencing capabilities that will enable virtual face-to-face interactions.

Scheduling an online meeting is much simpler than scheduling a traditional physical one. You’ll only have to coordinate two schedules instead of coordinating your own and another people’s.

And since technology allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, there’s always someone available who would like to meet with you.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It may seem logical that you would have to fly across oceans and continents to meet with clients. But there are many reasons why a meeting online is preferable to a face-to-face encounter: you can avoid high travel costs, save time, and reduce your carbon footprint.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can quickly and easily share your screen during a meeting, allowing you and your clients to better understand each other’s body language. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the transaction.

Online meetings are more eco-friendly

Businesses can use Skype, Google Hangouts, or another free online meeting platform to talk with remote colleagues. This not only saves you time and money but also has a positive impact on our environment as well.

Flying just one round-trip flight from New York City to Tokyo produces an average of 5.5 tons carbon dioxide emissions.

They can last, if necessary, without feeling rushed because there are no distractions. Plus, most of them allow video conferencing, so it feels like you’re talking to someone right next to you instead of on the other side of the world.

The future of meetings is online because it saves time, effort, and money. You can spend hours preparing for an upcoming meeting or traveling cross-country on a plane.

With an online meeting platform like Zoom, you can see who’s in your meeting in rehearsal time video and audio chats. Plus, you’ll be able to share your screen with them. When it comes down to it, if you want a productive meeting without wasting time and money, meet online!

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