8 to 5 Jobs in an Office Are Obsolete: Here’s Why

Supposing things were different in the past, people with office jobs would make enough to make some extra cash for themselves in their free time, with a limited number of hours per day. Nowadays, freelancing has become more commonplace as more and more people decide they’re free to work wherever they want, whenever they want, so long as they get their work done well.

That’s why it makes perfect sense to consider launching a freelancing business. If you’ve been contemplating a change, knowing you’re free to work anywhere and anytime, you please worthwhile.

Otherwise, there are some reasons you should do it now.
So, you’ve decided you want to start your own business and know that the internet can provide you with an excellent opportunity.

But before you quit your job and tell everyone that you’re going to be a full-time entrepreneur, it’s important to consider the downsides of quitting your day job. Here’s why 8 to 5 jobs in an office are obsolete and what steps to take next to avoid becoming obsolete yourself!

The internet has created opportunities for remote work

The internet has created many opportunities for remote work. The rise of the digital nomad is a testament to this. Working remotely means finding your balance and creating the lifestyle you want with less pressure on yourself.

This flexibility has led many people to ditch office jobs and pursue their passions instead, allowing them to work from home and be there for their families when needed.

Working remotely means having more control over your time and schedule, but it also brings challenges. You’ll need to be organized, self-disciplined and productive to succeed through remote work.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these obstacles and enjoy a better life. Obsolete office jobs innovation will continue despite obsolete jobs.

Remote work will only become more popular as technology continues innovating and creating new opportunities for people worldwide.

The traditional 9-5 job is not conducive to a good work-life balance

If you’re like most people, your work-life balance is essential. You want to spend time with your family and friends and enjoy your leisure time too. The traditional 8-5 job doesn’t allow this type of balance.

It also forces you into a rigid schedule that is not conducive to productivity or creativity.

Finally, the 8-5 office environment is only sometimes the healthiest space for employees. Research has shown that sitting at a desk all day can harm your health.

There are better ways to stay healthy while working, such as standing desks, walking desks, bike desks, etc., which provide more opportunities for physical activity.

Offices are becoming more and more expensive

Office space is becoming increasingly expensive, with the average cost of a single office going up by 10% yearly. With these rapid increases, it is no wonder that many small businesses are opting for co-working spaces or are choosing to stay home. In addition, the world of work is also changing drastically. With technological advances, employees and employers find themselves doing things outside the traditional 8-to-5 workday. Employees can now have some flexibility in their schedules, while at the same time, they can get tasks done without ever leaving their homes. Employers also work remotely and have tools like Slack to keep their teams connected even when they’re not sitting next to one another daily. All of this means there are fewer people on-site at offices during the traditional 8-to-5 hours, which makes them less efficient than they once were before!

The traditional office environment is not stimulating

The desk-bound, 8-to-5 career is a thing of the past. The traditional office environment is not stimulating, and many people seek self-employment because they want more control over their work hours, environment, and location. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of self-employed Americans has been on the rise since 2002. Today, there are more than 15 million freelancers in the US alone. These workers have flexible schedules and can set their rates–which can be very lucrative. Some freelancers charge as much as $1000 per hour for specialized skills like programming or photography.

Offices are becoming more and more stressful

It used to be that people would go into the office, have a cup of coffee at their desks, and then chat with coworkers. Nowadays, offices are becoming more and more stressful. Computers and other high-tech devices make it difficult for people to focus on one thing at a time. Plus, meetings are always scheduled that interrupt what you’re working on. Meetings take up a large chunk of your day, but they only accomplish a little. As if that weren’t enough, emails and phone calls can require attention anytime or at night. The whole thing leaves many people feeling like they never get anything done during the day.

Times have changed

In the not-so-distant past, 8 to 5 jobs were all you needed. You went to work, clocked your hours, and then left. But today, that is no longer the case. As the world becomes more globalized and interconnected, more employers are looking for people who can be flexible about when they work. They want employees who can adjust their schedules based on the needs of their employer or clients. And there’s a bonus: Companies have found this arrangement saves them money because fewer employees are working at any given time.


It’s not that we don’t like working with people, but rather that the idea of a job being something that you must go into an office and do for 8 hours a day, five days a week, is obsolete. You could be working on your business while taking care of your family or other responsibilities. Work doesn’t have to be something you do where you are; it can be done anywhere and anytime

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