You are at the right place, we have tons of features build into our live support chat solution. Discover our main features below and understand how it ticks.

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Live Support Chat

Our main feature is to connect your website visitors with your, LIVE. Answer pre sales questions, help immediately your customers and of course engage with anytime.

The missing block

Get in touch with people on your website and point them in the right direction. It has been proven that Live Support Chat is faster, easier and user user-frindlier than email or phone.

Full responsive

Our solution is fully responsive and adapt to your website no matter what. It changes the look and feel automatically on desktop and mobile devices.

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Like graphs and numbers? You lucky bugger! How long you have talked to a customer, which of your site is most visited, where you customers are coming from, ratings, feedbacks, live map and much more.

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A little bit more

Chat with your website visitors in real time, transfer customers to another operator, forward the customer to a contact form when busy, share files and images, engage with customer manually or automatically.

Quick Start

You will be up and running in no time. With simply copy and paste a code into your website zipp.chat will start working immediately.

User Friendly

Our first priority with zipp.chat was to have an easy to use live support chat solution. Both the operator and client should not need a manual at all. Who reads a manual?!

Full Responsive

Works on all screen sizes, mobile or desktop device. Optimised for mobile devices for loading as little as possible.

Secure Protect

We use a data center in europe, access restriction and full permission based level system. Latest and greatest software and hardware technology.

Operator Panel

Design masterpice, everything available with one click. Use our operator panel on every modern browser or download our desktop app.

Live Online Vistors

Go to your live online visitor site and check what is going on your website. See from which country, where and when your visitors are browsing your pages.

Client History

Check your conversations way back. Depend on your package we keep you a history, of course you can export a conversation as well by sending it to any email address you want.

Contact History

When no operator is online you can decide to show a contact form, we will inform you on new offline messages and keep a history of it as well.


Share files, images, documents with your website visitors and vice versa. Our secure file system allows you to share files anytime.


Typing the same again and again can be anoying, therefore we have added standard responses. Setup as many you like and use them in a conversation with a click

Auto ProActive

Other call it engage customers we like to say be ProActive and invite your website visitors automatically or manually.


Setup the build in chat bot to answer some of the basic questions. Keep the customer in the line until you pick up the chat.


Create departments and associate operators to department that way your website visitors is talking to right person from beginning.

Fancy Statistics

Statistics all over the place, chat duration, feedbacks, top sites, locations, best rated operators and much more.


Mulitple operators can transfer conversations to each other and with our native apps you will receive a push notification on a transfer as well.

Business Hours

With zipp.chat you don't need to be online 24/7 we have build in a business hour feature to have the chat automatically online when you are online.

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Connect Wordwide

With our solution you can connect to all your website visitors around the world. No limitations

With our mobile apps for Android and iOS you can also connect while on the road.

Something missing?

We have many more features build into zipp.chat but most people won't read it anyway. Why not start a trial and find out what zipp.chat has to offer. Pretty sure you won't be dissapointed.