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We are sure you have some questions, the features are endless on Zipp.Chat!



No worries we cover you in case you need support from us. Below are the answers of your questions. Something is missing? Please start a conversation with us or create a support ticket.

General Stuff

First you will need an account with us, you can register on our home page. You will need to confirm your account by clicking on a link, the link will be inside the email we have sent you when registered. All new accounts have a 30 days trial, no questions asked and no payment information necessary.

Please visit the widget page in your Zipp.Chat console. On top you will find the widget code to copy and paste it into your website. It should be right before the last </body> tag, however you can put it pretty much everywhere between the <body> tags.

Zipp.Chat will work on all website no matter what you run. It will work on all famous content management system and plain html pages. On CMS, Contao, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, XT:Commerce, Typo3 and many more, you name it we make sure it runs on it. On content management system you will have most of the time a footer.php file add our code there or where you add the Google Analytics code.

Please check your widget settings, we have build in an extra security so the chat works only on the domains you have approved. Find the box "Widget Whitelist (Cross-Domain)" and add the domain where you have placed your embed code. For example: https://www.mydomain.com, https://mydomain.com

Once the chat is placed on your website and you have added your domain to the "Widget Whitelist (Cross-Domain)" section you can start modifying the look and feel. We have build in many options for you and new templates will be added regulary.

Choose from SlideUp, SlideOut, Big, Small, PopUp, Custom Button, Button to SlideUp, Link to Slide Up, Custom Colours, Custom Fonts, Animations, different desktop and mobile buttons or the same, quick chat or with name, email, phone and question field.

You have the option to show the chat where you place the code inside your website file or CMS.

You can select "Floating Button" and change the parameters for "CSS Float Position Chat" and "CSS Float Position Button". For example: top:20px;right:20px; will place the chat to the top/right corner with 20px space. You can always combine two positions: top/right, bottom/right, bottom/left, top/left.

You will need two images ready, an online and offline button. Following formats are allowed to upload png, jpg and gif. The buttons need following names: yourname_on.png and yourname_off.png. It is important to have it named like this or it won't work, yourname can be a name of your choice.

Now go to your Zipp.Chat console and load the buttons section. On top you will find two input fields to upload your button, always upload two buttons at the time. Make sure you have the permission to use the buttons you upload.

There are three options build into Zipp.Chat. Share files uploaded before the conversation with your client. Share files during a chat session with your client and allow your client sharing files with you.

Following file types are allowed to upload: zip,rar,jpg,jpeg,png,gif,pdf Files are not stored on our server and are loaded securly on request.

Files you share regulary can be managed in the files section and are shown in form of a dropdown selection during a chat conversation.

share files

You can also share files on the fly in an active conversation, therefore just click on the paperclip icon or drag and drop your file on it.

Allow your client to share a file with you is fairly simple. Just open the information tab on the far right and click on the button "Can upload files".

share files

When sending a Knock Knock our software will try to get the customer back into the chat. It is like an emergeny button when you feel that your customer has forgotten the conversation with you.

Correct, setup your business hours and leave. :) We have build in Business Hours into Zipp.Chat so you don't need to sit in front of your desktop or drain the battery of your mobile device and wait for a client to talk to you.

business hours

With business hours in place the chat will show online on your website (even when you are not having the Zipp.Chat console open). Your website visitors can now request a chat with you! Make sure you have your mobile phone setup with our mobile app and receive push notifications or set "Send email on new clients" to YES. You can also use Pushover by simply add your keys into your operator profile page. On new requests you will receive push or email notification, login into your Zipp.Chat console and serve the client!

Of course, manually or automatically! We just call it ProActive. The Auto ProActive feature allows you to setup different URL's of your website to invite your website visitors automatically to a conversation with you, increase sales the easy way.

engage customer

You can also always invite customers manually either with your desktop or mobile phone, browse to the online user list and click on one, enter the message and send.

engage customer manually

Mobile and Desktop Apps

We offer desktop apps for following operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. Simply download our desktop apps here and get started natively.

Sure build in and work like charm, no matter if you are using our desktop apps or just a browser. You will need to allow desktop notifications in your browser by clicking on a button in your operator profile.

desktop notifications

Chrome for example is a bit tricky with desktop notifications and depend on your settings you will need to approve it manually. Should the button above not work or tell you that it has been denied, open your Zipp.Chat console and go your operators profile in Chrome click on the "Secure" button and change following setting.

chrome desktop notifications

Chrome will tell you to reload the page now press the green button to accept desktop notifications.

Yes, we have them and they are fast! Download our native mobile apps here. They have been designed to work with Zipp.Chat even the logo says "Live Chat 3" (also our product).

After installing our mobile app for Android and/or iOS you will need to enter the URL to your Zipp.Chat console. The URL can be found in your Zipp.Chat dashboard. In case you cannot find it: https://zipp.chat/talk/

With your mobile device you can receive push notifications on new clients and new answers if mobile app is hidden. You simply need to login into the app with your credentials and from now on you will receive push notifications.

Turn off push notifications from your Zipp.Chat console is possible by clicking on the mobile phone icon on the left hand side under your name.

push notificiations


Easy to manage WordPress plugin is available in the official repository, just search for Zipp.Chat in your WordPress plugin section or browse to following page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/zipp-chat/.