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Zipp Server Extend

Extend your access to the latest release and to our support area for another 12 Month.

This will give you access to the latest version and of course you can count on our professional support.

Frequently Asked Questions


Technical Support Agreement
Technical support period is activated starting from the day of the license purchase. You can ask an unlimited number of questions during the support period. Before you open a new support ticket you might want to browse through our FAQ or public support tickets, both have a build in search feature to find the article you need.

Support Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pm
We are based in Switzerland, GMT +1. Please remember this and the corresponding time difference, when sending a request to the technical support team.

Support via Support Tickets or Live Chat

Support is available via live chat and support tickets. The preferred way of support is through our support tickets, please provide following information:
  • Select the correct category
  • Installed version
  • Detailed description
  • One question per ticket
When you are using our Live Chat, please have the following information ready:
  • Order / License Number
  • Software
  • Installed version
Please note: on busy times or complicated questions, we might ask you to open a support ticket, so we have more time to investigate your case.

Here’s what we assist you with during the support period:

  • We only support the latest version of our software.
  • Explaining how to configure the default software features.
  • Answering general questions on how to set up our software.
  • Solving problems that occurred because of wrong configurations.
  • Advising on the software architecture.
  • Exploring questions concerning the default software workflow.
  • Consultations on our software functionality.
  • Assistance in configuring your Live Chat 3, Cloud Chat 3, Helpdesk 3 and Cloud Desk 3 installation.
  • Resolving issues occurring during the software operation or issues that arise with functionality if they are not the result of your code changes.

Here’s what we DO NOT assist you with during the support period:

  • We do not support old releases, update first and check if the issue still exists.
  • Exploring the issues caused by the server configuration and / or code modification.
  • Help in custom modifications.
  • Upgrading your software and resolving issues that arose during the upgrading.
  • Modifying the default software functionality.
  • Install the software for you.

Error correction!

We guarantee to correct all bugs found in the original source code absolutely for free as long as we maintain the software. All licenses come with a one-Year access to updates, we advise you to always update your installation to the latest version available as soon as possible. After one Year you can always extend access to get the latest software release, this service is free for our customers that have chosen the fully managed service.

Support Language

Support language is generally in English, but we can also provide support in German or Spanish.

Custom Modifications

Possible, please contact us for more details.

Support expired, licenses without support, no more credits?

You can extend the support in our online shop.
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How can I pay?

We currently offer three payment method in 3 different currencies.

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal in following currencies:

  • CHF
  • EUR
  • USD

We offer three bank accounts to eliminate any transfer fees:

  • Zürcher Landbank (CHF Account)
  • Wise (EUR – Europe Bank Account)
  • Wise (USD – Europe Bank Account for customer outside the US)
  • Wise (USD – US Bank Account for our US customers)

Bank transfers today are so quick, there is no need for credit card or any other payment system that is insecure, expensive and often abused. However, due the huge amount of requests to pay with Paypal or Credit Card we now offer this options. The fees however from this services need to be paid by you, we are not willing to pay this, as wire transfers are free and super quick anyway.

In case you need any help, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Extend Support and Updates

With every license of our self-hosted you get automatically 12 Month access to support and updates. After the 12 Month you can still use the software without limitations, but you won’t have access to support and new updates / features.

Buying the Zipp Server Extend package will give you another 12 Month access to support, updates and new features. After purchasing the package you will get access after we have received your payment. We charge only around 30% of the original license price.

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