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It was not easy

When I embarked on this project back in 2018, I was well aware that creating a real-time live chat, video, voice, and screen sharing conference app, while prioritizing user privacy, would be an arduous and highly challenging endeavor.

In today’s business landscape, many organizations simply opt for readily available services without giving much thought to the fate of their data. It continues to astonish me how unconcerned most companies appear to be when I inquire about their commitment to privacy and the measures they employ to safeguard both their clients and their data. It’s truly remarkable how casual their approach is.

From the very inception of, we recognized the formidable task of crafting software that zealously safeguards privacy without sharing data with data-hungry platforms such as Meta, Google, and Microsoft. Developing software that eschews reliance on these services posed a significant challenge, and we must candidly acknowledge that we underestimated the enormity of the workload involved.

Video Call

We are very close

After months of dedicated coding, rigorous testing, and even restarting from scratch, we are thrilled to announce that we have successfully developed a stable and high-speed solution for video, voice, and screen sharing. What sets this achievement apart is that it is entirely self-reliant, free from any dependence on third-party services. This solution can seamlessly operate on either our servers or yours, affording you meticulous control over every single piece of data.

We eagerly anticipate our next announcement, which will likely mark the launch of our software—a significant milestone in live communication with your clients and within your company. Please stay tuned for this exciting development.

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