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We are making great progress with the next generation support and communication platform, We had a very busy 3 weeks with, publishing the website, start producing videos, create FAQ articles and of course develop the software itself.

One of the most important part of a live chat is the flow of the chat itself. It will decide if the client will use it, get’s help quickly and has fun by using it. Now you think why should I have fun using a live chat when I’m in need of help? Well, think about it! It all makes it much easier to ask for help when it is fun to use.

The Chat Flow

Our new support software has a built-in chatbot, and it is smart because you will set up the chatbot accordingly to the business you have. In these ways, the chatbot will answer correctly each time a customer has a question.

Our chatbot can also grab FAQ articles and display them inside the chat conversation for even more information.

Should the chatbot not be able to help, the client can always request a live conversation with an operator.

Of course you as the company will also have the option to not use the chatbot, in that case the client will be connected straight away with an operator.

ChatGPT was not an option to use. 😉

chat flow chat bot

Live Demo

Our next goal is to have a working live demo, so you can get a first impression of the software. For now, you have the option to try the template live here.

Also, don’t miss our Pre-Purchase deal, only available until end of April. Coupons are selling quickly. Stay tuned for the next update announcement soon.

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