Group Chat, Chatbot and FAQ

Group Chat, Chatbot and FAQ

Already a Month passed since our last change log article back in January about the chatbot flow.

We have been busy to keep up with our promise to our customers to deliver the software beginning of May. In this news, we can give you the first live videos from the software and his features.

Chatbot live in Action

We have created a short live video about the chatbot flow in combination with the FAQ database. The chat flow is intuitive and smart, because it is custom tailored by you for your business.


The FAQ has been completed and are a great way to help your customers without even being online. It works seamlessly together with the build in chatbot. Your clients will get the help they deserve.

Please check the video or go to the more detailed description in our FAQ.


The new chatbot built into is smart, because you have created the chat flow regarding your business. No random answers or weird flow, just to the point.

Combined with the built-in FAQ your chatbot is smarter than ever.

Please check the video or go to the more detailed description in our FAQ about the chatbot.

Group Chat

Group Chat is also available and almost finished. Create chats with your employees or clients, have voice or video meetings, present something on your screen with your audience and just get work done quicker.

More details will follow soon, stay tuned for the next change log entry within the next couple of weeks. Don’t miss the chance to get with up to 50% discount, before it is too late.

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